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EOSIO HTTPS Configuration

EOSIO HTTPS Configuration

The Problem By default, when deploying an EOSIO node, the eosio::http_plugin for nodeos binds insecurely to a port of your choosing. The following is an extract from the config.ini running on a newly deployed host. FYI, there are multiple ways to run nodeos, my...

EOSIO, The Basics

EOSIO, The Basics

About eosio Since EOSDawn3 and 4, I've been a massive fan of the eosio software from For those not familiar with eosio, it's open-source blockchain software which underpins networks like EOS, TELOS, WAX,...

Rethinking Enterprise Apps

Rethinking Enterprise Apps

Enterprise IT departments often run 100s, if not 1000s of applications. The scope of products deployed is vast and complex. Enterprise software is accumulated over many years and is typically a combination of in-house developed, third party or packaged as a service...

Disabling the Password

Disabling the Password

Over the past month, I've been holidaying with my family in Germany and Denmark. My wife, Britta, comes from a small farming community in the north of Germany near Hamburg and every couple of years we drop in to visit her family and friends. I've travelled to Germany...

FortiManager Incompatibility

FortiManager Incompatibility

I’ve been recommending and installing Fortinet Firewalls since 2003. I first saw the product when working in the higher education sector, back then it was my first look at a UTM. I was excited by the features and capabilities, plus I enjoyed making...

Nutanix: Restarting Prism

Nutanix: Restarting Prism

UPDATE: The new version of "Nutanix: Restarting Prism" can be found here.   _________________________ While running NOS on a cluster of 3061s, there's a bug that causes the Nutanix Web Interface, Prism, to become unresponsive. After raising a...

Why is it so: Telco Service

In my day job I have the arduous task of working with Telcos from across the globe. I’ve been working in and around networking for 14 years so it’s nothing new, carriers are a fact of life, part of a network guys existence, however from experience it never gets any...

Nutanix Hidden Contrast Feature for Google Chrome

A few months back I was speaking with Sudheesh Nair, (@sudheenair on twitter) from Nuntaix about the slightly washed out look of the Nutanix Prism interface. Both myself and a colleague mentioned the interface was difficult to present on a large screen, something we'd...

Nutanix Prism Central Basic Setup and Config

Recently I've been working with the hyper-converged compute and storage platform Nutanix. For those who haven't heard of it, check out the Nutanix Bible written by Steven Poitras for all the in and outs of the product, including actual technical explanation of how it...

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Hi everyone, just want to wish everyone a Happy New Year! Tomorrow when I get some time I will post our new years celebration's photos.

Christmas Eve, Day, and Boxing Day

Christmas in Germany, my first, and it will not be my last! We started on Christmas Eve with a family dinner, then moved onto opening presents. First we gave the individual presents, then we played this game where each couple brings 4 different presents (2 male and 2...

Nürnberg Germany

After our trip to Füssen in Southern Germany, we headed to Nürnberg a city still in Bavaria, however a little further north. The GPS system initial told us the journey would take about 3 hours, however due to road works, which I might add seemed to have no point what...

Merry Christmas!

I would like to wish everyone (where ever you may be) a very happy Christmas and a very safe and eventful New Year. Today Britty and myself are having dinner at Brittys parents house, and tomorrow we are partying at a night club about 1 hour from here. Should be very...

Füssen Germany

After completing 4 days in Munich, we decided to take a drive down to the bottom of Germany to a little town called Füssen. Füssen is famous for the very beautiful Neuschwanstein Castle that sits high on top of a Rock on the side of a mountain. The countryside on the...

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