Christmas in Germany, my first, and it will not be my last! We started on Christmas Eve with a family dinner, then moved onto opening presents. First we gave the individual presents, then we played this game where each couple brings 4 different presents (2 male and 2 female) and we place them on the table. We then spin a dice for 30 minutes, and when you roll a 1 or a 6 you get to choose a present off the table. Once all the presents are gone, you then have the option to take presents from someone else!

The game was very enjoyable, and I am sure I had the best present with one round left, until Britty’s dad spun up a 1 and took it from right under my nose! Arh you can’t win them all!

Christmas Day was spent calling people at home, and then visiting a few of Britty’s relatives. In the night it was off to a night club about 45 minutes from Britty’s parents house. I did not feel like drinking so I decided to drive. The night club was massive, and completely jammed packed with people. We stayed until about 1am, and just as we were leaving managed to avoid being caught up in a huge fight inside the club. We managed to get out even though the police were blocking the entire street! Lucky for us. Next night we heard that 7 people were injured during the fight, 3 critically. I am really not surprised at something like this happen given the lack of security in the club. If you ever visit a club in Australia, there are security people everywhere. I think during the night I saw 2 security guards!

Boxing day was spent mostly fixing Britty’s parents computer. I know this sounds really lame, but every time I go over their place the Internet continuously drops in and out. I decided I would finally make a stand and fix it. Now I remember why I purchased a Mac before I came to Germany. Using windows again was down right painful! Spyware, viruses, 100s vulnerabilities, 100 of windows updates including updates to windows update!!!! Anyway in the end I think I sorted it.

I took a few photos over the Christmas days, check them out below, and you can find all of them here.


The real Christmas Tree! straight from the garden.


Some of the decorations in Britty’s parents house. Petra, Britty’s mum likes to decorate the house!


Me with Santa.


Britty placing all my presents under the tree.


mmmmm, what a hottie!


All the presents on the table before the game.


Me and Britty in front of the tree.

I have to say that Christmas in Germany was really frekin good!! I hope that everyone else had a top time, and are enjoying some holidays!! New Years Eve is only 1 day away, and I hope everyone has some wild plans! See you again next year!!!!!