After completing 4 days in Munich, we decided to take a drive down to the bottom of Germany to a little town called Füssen. Füssen is famous for the very beautiful Neuschwanstein Castle that sits high on top of a Rock on the side of a mountain. The countryside on the drive is just fantastic, and is so picturesque. At this time of year, we would normally expect to see a little bit of snow, but because the temperature is so warm everything is still very very green. I guess this is good in a way (good for driving), but also disappointing in another way. I would love to have seen the castle and the grounds covered in snow. Maybe another time!

The pictures really speak for themselves, and turned out ok considering just how windy it was. Sometimes during the day you had to crab a railing or something to hold yourself upright. I can only describe it as cyclonic!

The view of the Castle from the bottom of the mountain. The walk to the top takes about 30 minutes, we were thinking about taking the bus until we found out it takes 45 minutes anyway. The walk wasn’t so bad!


Another castle just across Hohenschwangau Castle.


Another picture before we took the walk to the top.


Photo of the castle from half way up the mountain.


And another. This time from the front.


The view from the top when you get to the gates of the castle.


The bridge that was also built by King Ludwig II.


The view from the Castle. Not bad. Wouldn’t mind waking up each morning to this view.


Another view of the town below.


Britty and myself admiring the castle from the bridge. It was a bit of a hike to get to the bridge, but we worth it. The wind felt as if it would blow us off!


Another shot of the castle. It was truly a brilliant view.

Füssen was great, however it would have been really cool to spent at least a night there, to take in a little more of Southern Germany. However this was not to be, and after our quick trip we started our drive toward Nuernberg. The drive should only have taken about 3 hours, however with roadworks it ended up taking about 5 hours. I will post the photos from Nuernberg in the comings days.

If you want to check out the rest of the Füssen photos, you can get them here. Until next time Tschüss!