I would like to wish everyone (where ever you may be) a very happy Christmas and a very safe and eventful New Year.

Today Britty and myself are having dinner at Brittys parents house, and tomorrow we are partying at a night club about 1 hour from here. Should be very eventful. To me it seems a little strange that a night club would be opened on Christmas Day, but it seems pretty normal around here.

I think back to last years Christmas and New Year, and it was Brittys first away from Germany. I promised Britty last year, that this year we would spend Christmas at her place, and I am really happy it all worked out.

This year has been very good, I have travelled a lot, and seen lots of different things. It was also really great to take in some what of a new culture this year, and the German way of life is certainly very exciting and entertaining.

I hope everyone enjoys the day, and I also hope that Santa is kind to you.