After our trip to Füssen in Southern Germany, we headed to Nürnberg a city still in Bavaria, however a little further north. The GPS system initial told us the journey would take about 3 hours, however due to road works, which I might add seemed to have no point what so ever, it took us about 5.

In Nürnberg we were staying with Britty’s cousin Birgit, and her boyfriend Dirk. They live very close the centre of Nürnberg, and have a really nice unit which made the stay really really comfortable. Birgit’s owns her own business as a travel agent mainly organising trips for German tourists to Australia, so her tour guiding skills were exceptional when it came to giving us a guided tour of Nürnberg.

Nürnberg is a city rich in history, and is particular famous being the home of Nazi Party Rallies during the Nazi’s reign between 1933 and 1945. It is also very famous for almost been completed destroyed during the war, and after the war was the home of the trails of Nazi Party Members. Nürnberg is also home of a really detailed and exceptionally well priced museum about the Nazi Party which I would class as a must if visiting the city. Britty and myself spent almost 3 hours there, and if given time I think we could have spent another 3 hours.

The old town in Nürnberg is also very beautiful, and was made all the more exciting during our trip because of the Nürnberg Christmas Markets. The market takes up quite a large portion of the city, and is jam packed full of tourists. Other than that it was pretty similar to all the other markets I saw during the Christmas period.

I of course had the camera ready at all times and snapped heaps of photos. Here are the best. You can see the rest here.

When we first arrived on Friday night we decided to have a few drinks. The night ended up being a long one!!


On the first day in Nürnberg we went to the site of the former Nazi Party Rallies, which is also a fantastic museum. This was a structure that Hitler started, but never completed. It was designed to hold 1000s of people to which Hitler would speak. In my opinion it looks similar to the Colosseum in Rome, and maybe it was meant to be used in a similar way!


I think this building is used now as a hostel. It is meant to be a very very good hostel.


Me and Britty within the Nürnberg Castle grounds.


This is the oldest house in Nürnberg. It dates back to the 1300s.


This is my favorite shot I took in Nürnberg. This was a beautiful street with some great old houses.


This is my second fav shot I took. As you can see the old town in Nürnberg is very very beautiful!


A shot of the main square in Nürnberg full of market stalls. This is only one section of the market.


Another photo of the old town.

Britty and myself had a great time in Nürnberg. After our trip here we went on to Halle which is toward the middle of Germany to visit Britty’s great Aunt. I will post the photos soon!