UPDATE: The new version of “Nutanix: Restarting Prism” can be found here.  


While running NOS on a cluster of 3061s, there’s a bug that causes the Nutanix Web Interface, Prism, to become unresponsive. After raising a ticket with support, turns out there’s a fix in NOS 4.1.1. If you’re like me and can’t arrange the software update immediately, it’s possible to restart the service by performing the following steps:

Determine the current Prism Cluster Leader by running
ssh -t [email protected]_member_ip_addr 'curl http://localhost/prism/leader'

Returns: prism_leader_ip_addr:9443

Restart the Prism Service on the Leader
ssh -t [email protected]_leader_ip_addr 'curl http://localhost/h/exit'

Returns: Exiting in 1s

To verify the change, re run step 1 and check the prism_leader_ip_addr has changed to another member of the cluster.

To get this working you require Nutanix CVM username and password, plus a machine installed with Curl. If you’re running other operating systems and you’re a registered Nutanix customer, you can find more detail here.